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lol i've always thought those tattoos were stupid as hell... what the hell were they thinking
like fucking seriously; it's something more like a 14-year-old emo kid who has gone through "true despair" in his upper-middle class neighbourhood would want to have than a deranged psychopath

lol who takes anita sarkeesian seriously? there are innocent young girls beaten half to death, sold, trafficked and exploited all around the world in real life and the crazy bitch is more concerned about how women are depicted in pop culture than the real issue at hand, she's not a real feminist, she's a just a fucking joke trying to scam people of their money

sanex kinda reminds me of blonic, but amazingly animated and executed

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i just playd best gaem rpg-shooter-sports-moba-fps-strategy, there's no more reason to live

lol this is so goddamn stupid

bloody amazing work man!! this is one of the best games i've played in this site, wow i can't believe HTML5 could be this powerful

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yeah!! shake dem 14 year-old tittehs!!
damn... that was funny in my mind but it felt so wrong when i typed it

ttrop responds:

everyone i draw are all 18 no matter how young they look (it's cuz they are asians.)

idk the jiggling looks too unnatural plus its really weird that her head is not moving like at all, i think you should've added shading to each frame to add depth to the images, and i suggest you try to learn more about anatomy, bone structures and how muscles move

Rennis5 responds:

I rotoscoped this from a GIF of real boobs jiggling so I dunno how this looks unnatural unless the motionless head is what's putting you off or maybe it needs some motion blur.
I was going to add shading to each layer but it seemed like a lot of effort for how simple this is, with my time frame that would have been an extra day or 2 of animating.
Thank you for your comments, i'll keep these in mind when I plan my next gif :D

what is this? some sort of pokemon?

RikoriStorm responds:

No I have a series called Tomamon :)
Tomamon are peoples spirit monsters that they can turn into
I have started the official comic online!
you can read it here or on Deviantart
I also have a tumbler for Tomamon ^.^
If you have any further questions like
how do they transform? or can someone have more then one?
then feel free to ask me :)


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